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A: At times you might notice that files and icons from your Mac desktop are missing or they have just disappeared.

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It is really shocking especially for those who have stored important files, folders, and icons on the Mac desktop. However, before you assume that they are permanently gone from your Mac desktop, refer the following points to see if you can restore disappeared files and icons from the desktop:.

It is easy to find missing Windows icons. But when it comes to Mac, most people become confused.

How to Show (or Hide) Hard Drives, Disks, and Volumes on the Mac OS X Desktop

It's the Finder's job to display the desktop and all of its icons, including those for storage devices. The problem is that a default install of OS X renders the desktop without the drive icons. Sometimes, misoperations cause desktop icons missing from the desktop.

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In fact, you can specify the desktop icons by setting the preferences in the Finder. Click on the desktop or open a Finder window to ensure the Finder is currently the front-most application. There are two ways to find the missing files from the Mac desktop. Check whether they are Hidden and recover the lost files with a professional Mac file recovery tool.

Why Can't I See My Hard Drive On My Desktop In OS X?

Mac has a built-in application called Terminal. Using this application, you can search, delete or modify files and folders. In order to find hidden files or folders go to Mac terminal and type defaults write com. After typing, press "Enter". This will close Mac Terminal and shows those files which are hidden.

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If this technique doesn't work, recover files from the empty Mac desktop with Mac desktop files recovery software. EaseUS's Mac data recovery software can perform scanning of the hard drive to scan and find disappeared files from Mac Desktop. It can smoothly restore disappeared files from Mac desktop without any difficulties.

Download this effective desktop file recovery software and get the desktop files back. The trial version is for you to download for free. It works till the last step when it finds all deleted files. The "Recover" button appears grey if it's not activated to a full version using a license key.

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Alternatively, if you only need to recover a few files, it would be better to try the free version. This version allows you to recover files up to 2GB. Step 1. Launch Terminal app on your Mac. Simply search it in the Spotlight and open it. Step 4.

Next up, hit the enter key. First off, download HiddenMe on your computer and launch it. Step 2. Now, check out a circle icon in the menu bar. Click on it and then select Hide Desktop Icons. Now, all the files will go away from the screen. If you want to bring them back, click on the circle icon and then select Show Desktop Icons. Note: if you ever want to remove the HiddenMe icon from the menu bar, click on it and select Quit.

Show or Hide Desktop Icons on Mac with a Click

And I think you probably already know about it. Alternately, you can drag the unwanted icons to Trash to remove them. Apple has introduced a new Stacks feature in macOS Mojave to let users keep the desktop neat and clean. To do this, open Finder , click on View and select Use Stacks. This is how my desktop looks before and after using Stacks. To recall, Stacks feature is available only on Macs which are running on macOS Mojave or higher versions.

I have shown you different possibilities to hide desktop icons on Mac and choosing the right one will depend on your usage. Or if you want to organize your desktop without hiding all icons, enabling the Stacks will do the work. However, if you are still not convinced and wanted to completely hide desktop icons on Mac, go with Terminal option.

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