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I was scratching my head for a few minutes before I had this confirmed by sending from outside of our organization. Hope this helps someone else who finds this post. That could be set at server level - worth checking the settings there. Okay so what you do is start with a blank rule choose when messages arrive and choose the " with specific words in the recipients address" and put in the email you want to filter for.

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With Office , rules based on aliases do not work. An alias isn't an object in Exchange, so the server doesn't distinguish between the user's primary email and the alias The workaround is to create a distribution group, not an alias. It'll work the same way, just create a DG with the user as the owner, and make sure to allow external senders to send to the group.

Then you can create rules to filter emails sent to that address. Only working when an external contacts sends it. Outlook and webmail always changes the address to the primary address.

So if you type in an alias, it will be changed to the primary address and your filter won't work anymore. Using OWA and setting the rule for the message header seems to work; I was struggling with a similar problem and useless proliferation of mailboxes. I tried the group option in office , and it still sent the email to my inbox instead of the folder corresponding to the alias.

Not sure how to proceed at this point.

Disable Auto-Complete for the address line

I just had to use the unqualified "prefix" NOT " xyz mydomain. Brand Representative for Vembu Technologies.

Both Google apps and Office supports this filter, it should for Outlook too. I did this by using my full alias email address and a rule that parses that address from the email headers.

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Thanks, but this is not working for me with a plain outlook. Seems to be a shortcoming of office alias implementation. While the header rule works, you still see user name in the "to" field of the received messages.

How to Direct Replies to a Special Address in Outlook

Would be nice to know that the message was sent to the 2ndary alias just by glancing at the field. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

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Add an Office account to Outlook for Mac Outlook for Mac integrates with a variety of different email clients, including Exchange, Office , Outlook. In the Accounts box, select Exchange or Office If you don't see this screen, it's possible you already have one or more accounts in Outlook for Mac. Enter your email address. Choose your authentication method. If you have difficulty adding your account, check with your account administrator to see which authentication method you should use.