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Anthony Bouchard on February 24, Not only does this allow for some good old-fashioned fun, but it can even come in handy depending on the situation. Moreover, having your Mac say things might be a simple way for you to learn the pronunciation of something, or to simply entertain yourself and your friends. Now that you have picked the voice you want to use for when your Mac says what you command it to say, you can get to performing the command. Go ahead and launch the Terminal app on your Mac and enter the following command and then press the Return key on your keyboard:.

Talk to Me, Girl

The Say command can speak a long sentence; in fact, it can say just about anything as long as it's on a single line. The Say command understands some punctuation, including the period and the comma, both of which inject a slight pause into speaking the text. Now for the fun part. With the right combination of voice and words, you can get the Say command to sing. For the most part, the ability of these voices to sing isn't in the text string you use but is actually built into the character of the voice.

VoiceOver and Text To Speech for Mac OS X | Cleveland State University

Here are some examples:. The Cellos voice intonation is the Hall of the Mountain King.

Give the following a try in Terminal:. You can actually use any text; the Cellos voice will try to render it in the form of the Hall of the Mountain King.

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That's all the singing voices we have found in the Mac's many voices. But there are so many voices available, there may be more to find.

Drop us a line if you find any additional singing Terminal voices. Share Pin Email.

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