Mac pro 3 1 power supply wattage

It's the Mac Ach. There are going to be strong feelings about discussing a perfect computing platform long since abandoned by the mothership. Think of it as a classic car if it helps. Looks cool. Sucks on mileages. No great handling but a joy to behold, to drive for the nostalgia and to tinker with. I decommissioned a beer fridge today to help ease the incoming burdon posed by antiquated CPU architectures.

I was kinda riffing about the Mac Pro in general top spec model , the one you are running is even worse. It's laughably slow, it really isn't worth it anymore other than for the fun of it, which i do understand.

Mac Pro: Power consumption and thermal output (BTU/h) information

But for me it's not old enough for that retro vibe. Aye, that's why I ended up with a dual 1. I've still got my Quad Power Mac G5, but it can't boot Mac OS 9 natively and is too large to fit under my current desk comfortably, and My son is on a 4,1 that's been flashed to 5,1? It's gotten to the point where it probably needs to be replaced with an iMac.

But damn, never thought I'd get 10 years out of a computer. Those Mac Pros were are beasts! I'm still using a dual quad-core as my main machine. I've upgraded the video card, RAM, and hard drive. It just chugs along. But I think it's about time to replace it with an iMac and external case for the spinning hard drives that I use for media and documents. Enjoy fixing it up! Looks like a nice case mod project to take the guts out of that Fugly nMP and put them in a cheese grater. From what I read at the time I was trying to have it addressed and when the issue was plaguing me the most , I had come to understand this issue to be endemic with other Mac Pros.

I can't offer any substantive advice with respects to your 3,1, but perhaps the PSU might warrant some attention, if not now in the future. I'm away from my Mac Pro at the moment, so I'm straining my memory to recall how exactly I "modified" it. I do not remember how much RAM I have at my disposal currently as I haven't committed those upgrades to memory. I wish you the best and would recommend you do take your Mac Pro apart annually to remove the dust it excels at accumulating.

Some things I learned while building a GPU rig for deep learning

A small update: I had a few hours to tinker this morning before the day got hectic and made some findings. The GTX that I received today had been improperly flashed and the seller killed the card. I made a similar but sadly hypothetical thread when I noticed how cheap the 1,1 and 2,1 models were getting.

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I don't know that I was even interested in plugging it in. I just wanted to own a system with incredible build quality. Everyone would be gutting them and building gaming PCs inside lol. It's strange how Apple can seemingly neglect power users for so long, and yet remain more or less peerless in PC design and construction. Good luck! Looking forward to those photos. Thanks megabat, it has turned into a fun project computer. More parts inbound are a pair of matched 3Ghz Xeons, spare logic board, extra memory risers, and some cr batteries.

Maybe not as spooling drives can slow wake times, though another thing to toy with. I treated myself with a MP the year - I was very happy with the machine even if it at the time only had one proc. Now with a second processor, SSD disks, a better video card and more RAM it does all my photoshop work and some sketchup duties.

Love it and I will never part from it. Clutter photos some time around then. I found the service manual today. It can be found here: div' ;q. The second 2. Quote: I wish you the best and would recommend you do take your Mac Pro apart annually to remove the dust it excels at accumulating. Wow I just did this with a dyson vacuum and now it's running much more silent.

Mac Pro Intel Power Loss (Early 2008)

I forget how much time passes and dust collects. And a small victory, the GT is actually alive. I got it working just fine in a spare hackintosh. Nice to have an extra card for older OSes.

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One last observation for the night: spun up a clean install of High Sierra and the GT can push a 4K monitor at 30hz. I did not know that this was possible with such old hardware or DVI in general. Perhaps even 16GB. Gnite for now. Legacy Products. Trending topics. Hetbankzitter 2h 1. GFN - for PC. Hetbankzitter 2h.

The cheapskate way I installed and powered a second GPU on my old Mac Pro | iMore

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Or sign in with one of these services. I cannot find power supply specs on my computer. Does anyone know the specs for a power supply on the early MP? I am mainly interested in knowing the wattage. I found this from Apple. Does not give the total wattage the supply can put out, but lists W for up to four PCI Express graphics cards. I know this is probably already been figured out but the PS in the mac pro is Watts max continuous.

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