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Getting the storage capacity you need on Apple's new computers could mean more money. A link has been sent to your friend's email address.

A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Please read the rules before joining the discussion. A previous version of this column incorrectly stated that only one size of solid state drives was available on iMac models.

MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro Everything Apple just announced - CNET

More capacity means more money: Could you get by with GB of storage? Not easily — as I learned from owning a MacBook Air with that allocation and from providing tech support to a family member with one who used it far less intensively. The move to USB-C, while a bit surprising given Apple's ecosystem of Lightning accessories, is a welcome move that will finally allow Apple's tablet to more easily utilize accessories and cables other computers and tablets use without the need for adapters.

The new iPads can also actually charge other devices, such as a drained iPhone, assuming you have the proper cable. Apple says the device's 8-core processor can rival PCs sold in the last year running Intel's powerful Core i7 processor. NBA2K being demoed.

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Looks much sharper than prior iPad versions and 2K on Switch. The tablet keeps a similar megapixel rear camera and 7-megapixel front shooter as the older iPad Pros, though Apple has removed the standard 3. The new stylus magnetically attaches to the iPad to charge, unlike its predecessor, which had to be plugged into the device for a quick charge. They are available for order starting Tuesday and in stores on Nov.

Apple unveiled a new Macbook Air today at an event in Brooklyn, N. While Apple has in the past advertised the iPad as the "computer of the future" in its infamous "What's a computer" ads, the company finally gave one of its most popular traditional computers a long overdue successor.

Equally impressive is that Apple has reduced the size of the MacBook Air: Also noteworthy: The Apple Mac mini is a versatile machine noted for having a plethora of ports. Given the machine's age, it might be tempting to think of the computer as outdated. However, for specific uses such as video editing or even server hosting, the small Mac mini is an ideal alternative to the barebones PC. In something of a departure from the often-seen all-in-one iMac , the mini includes no monitor or keyboard and mouse combo.

If you want to make the transition from PC to Mac, you'll like that the mini works seamlessly with many of your old PC components. Given the low-profile design, Mac mini devices are excellent workhorses to augment existing desktops.

2018 MacBook Air and Mac mini Hands-On: Long-Awaited Updates Don't Disappoint

If you want to mix audio without bogging down your desktop machine, you'll appreciate the Apple Mac mini's ability to complete such tasks. This device also has several others uses.

MacBook Air, Mac Mini

If you want a more robust version of the Apple TV, you'll appreciate the mini's significantly larger hard drive for storing movies. In addition, the mini's improved CPU is capable of executing other tasks, such as backing up your mobile phone's photos, while streaming movies to your TV. In this sense, the mini is a personal server too. If you want a local device that'll store and render video you're editing while also hosting a website, the mini is capable of multitasking in the background without sucking power from an unused monitor. In fact, with the right software, you can even remotely access the mini.

Keeping in mind that Apple got out of the monitor scene years ago, most modern monitors built for your PC also work with the mini.

The Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3 ports make connecting most monitors possible, and the MacOS has built-in support for third-party external monitors. If you want to stream movies to your TV and have the connectivity to use two computer monitors, the mini can transition between those tasks with ease.