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The owners of the Macs wonder whether they fine-tune OS X El Capitan the way that can make their machines work faster. To begin with, this operating system has a lot in common with Yosemite, including the general appearance. At the same time, it was armed to the teeth with a range of new features that make it even more convenient to work with Macs.

What is more important for the impatient users, the developers from Cupertino claim that El Capitan is up to two times faster than its predecessors. OS X Yosemite users still remember how long it could sometimes take to launch an app or switch between two different utilities. In contrast to this operating system, those who upgraded to El Capitan did notice a significant performance boost. The good news is that the OS installs smoothly, without any obstacles or problems.

Of course, it would set up faster on MacBook Pro and other latest models of Mac. Anyway, the speed of this OS X is still not perfect. Thus, the next section tries to explain the ways to make El Capitan a bit faster just like a real sea dog should be! Apple developers also offer several ways to maximize the effectiveness of OS X El Capitan as this operating system has its own drawbacks.

Consider these methods first.

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Take a rest for the next two hours — it is time to start your Mac into Recovery Mode. Only this way it is possible to run Disk Utility once the computer boots up. This will show what is running on your computer.

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    How do you speed up El Capitan which has become slow? More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. This may cause a freezing problem and a general reduction in performance of Macbook. Other related problems such as Wi-Fi, battery, spotlight and many others may also arise. These can be fixed through a number of ways which include. Although resetting these controllers may not be precise due to the sluggishness of El Capitan, they improve performance. This is by resetting some slight system controllers that could have been interfered with during update.

    You just turn it off with the shutdown key, remove the power cable and wait for about 15 seconds. You then return the power cable, wait for about 5 seconds then you turn your MacBook on. You then press and cling to the left shift plus option, control, and power buttons for not less than 10 seconds. You then release all the keys at once and power on your computer normally.

    62 OS X El Capitan tips and tricks

    You then put it on and immediately press and hold option plus command, P and R buttons at once. This should be done before the gray boot up is displayed on the screen. You hold on to the keys and release them immediately the computer restarts. You may also need to adjust your speaker volume, display setting, and startup disk options.

    With these useful tools and tips, you will definitely be able to help your Mac run a little faster and you will be happy with the additional performance. This improvement by a huge factor means that you will not be constantly bothered by your Mac running slow or some apps refusing to work the way they are supposed to. With this, you will become much more productive regardless of the restrictions that come with slow computer performance.

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