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  • The Week In Pop. The rapper, born Malcolm McCormick, was only A group of neo-soul musicians joined him behind the desks, books and other trinkets that make up this privileged space; Thundercat made his bass growl for the duration of a song. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, he worked as a producer under the alias Larry Fisherman, a maturity that can only be appreciated in the light of the path taken by the young artist.


    Claiming the accompaniment of jazz music would almost be an anachronism in contemporary hip hop, let alone for someone of his generation. Born into the wealthy white American class, his beginnings in music took place without any desire for greatness.

    When he released K. S in , the attitude was one of fun and student parties. He was only 18 then. This strengthened his identity, both musical and psychologically. There is a connection between committed words and jazzy hip hop, a connection that was found in Native Tongues and Soulquarians. He himself conceded that racial bias had worked in his favor.